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When it comes to styling for your family photos, there are a few things to keep in mind...

1. Comfort

2. Background

In my professional opinion, the number one importance when styling for family photos is comfort. If you're not in clothes that make you feel like you, it will show on your face and in turn, your photos. This also means that you don't have to be sweatpants to your session, but maybe start with something you've worn before! A fun dress, your fav jeans, anything that you don't have to worry about (no matter how cute your brand new outfit is). One other thing to keep in mind is the wrinkle factor? Does the piece of clothing wrinkle easily?

3. Colors

4. Texture & Movement

5. What will these photos be for?

Where will this photo session take place? Will it be outdoors or in a studio? Beach or park? Maybe your session takes place downtown? The main things to think about when analyzing the background is theme & color. For example, you will not want to show up in your bathing suit if you're shoot is on a ranch in Wyoming! It doesn't fit the theme. As for colors you'll want to keep in mind the main area and the time of day. Let's say we have a shoot at the beach here in West Palm Beach, FL. You'll find blues from the sky and ocean, greens from the seagrass and sea grape trees, and beige from the sand. Let's say it's also around sunset, so you get those yellow/orange golden light as well. Your outfit choices might reflect your surroundings. A great thing to keep in mind! 

Now that we've talked about what background colors to look out for, we can dive into your actual outfit colors. My personal preference is to stick with a neutral color palette, this way you're able to use the photos anywhere and for anytime of the year. We're talking white, black, grey & tan. I also gravitate towards muted or light colors such as sage green, cream, light pink, baby blue, etc.

You can also choose to add a pop of color in the mix. When choosing your pop of color, the background tends to come back into play. For example, we're at the beach for the session and you decide to chose green to bring out the seagrass! You can also chose a pop of color depending on the session, for example a Christmas session you may incorporate red into the mix so it ties into your Christmas cards.

One more style I think is so fun is monochrome. Which is basically everyone in the same color. There are ways to make this more fun and trendy than culty haha. You can see below some inspiration on how to style it right...

In the photo to the left, we have an all black urban setting rooftop giving an edgy feel to the photos. And on the right, with the all jean look in the studio gives Levi brand vibes, super trendy and styled very well. Notice how they are not all covered in jeans, but its paired with basics creating just enough without it being overboard.

Something I always recommend as well, is for moms to pick her outfit first, then styling around her. Trust me, this will make your life easier!! Fun flowey dresses, comfy sweaters, classy button ups for the guys, your fav pair of jeans or nice pair of khakis... a few items I always recommend!

This is the fun part! I love incorporating different fabrics & textiles into play creating even more depth to your photos. Some may include... silk, tweed, denim, flannel, etc.

How does each outfit move? This also ties into your comfort levels. Having a more flowey option may feel better for you if you're tummy is an insecurity. Or maybe you don't like your arms, I'd suggest maybe sleeves. When it's time for your actually photo shoot as well, bringing up some of these points to your photographer can be very helpful when they pose you as well! 

What is the purpose of the photoshoot? Yearly holiday photos, a new addition to the family, maybe a grandparent isn't doing well and you want to capture the last moments together, or maybe it's just for fun!

By sharing the purpose for the shoot to your photographer can be very helpful. They will keep in mind the format & composition of the images corresponding to your final product. For example, if you wanted to use these photos for prints around the house, I (as the photographer) would try to shoot both vertical & horizontal so you have the option to use either frame size. 

Hope this has been helpful for you!
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-Makayla Casey Padron

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