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You guys… the time has come! I switched roles and went from wedding photographer to bride! You are now looking at Makayla Casey Padron! I’m so happy to finally be a married woman and I still can’t believe we got married in Italy too!! 

Wanna hear all about it?? 

The day was May 17th, 2023 a beautiful overcast morning in the quiet tuscan side of Lucca. Our morning was divided between guys and girls. 16 of us and our wonderful photographer Emma. My immediate family, Alex’s immediate family, significant others and my grandparents! Usually we would all spend the holidays together, but this was the first time we all stayed in the same house and in foreign country at that! It was such a blessing that everyone got along haha! We actually had the best time all together!

Our Airbnb, was massive! Full of secret passage ways, dungeons, and character! It was a good thing I decided last minute to buy everyone walkie-talkies. That was a fun investment! 

Back to the wedding day, we had a great time getting ready together. My sister in law Kiki did my hair and my brothers girlfriend Emily did my eyelashes haha. We also chose a first dance song that morning. Definitely wouldn’t recommend picking your first dance song day of, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. 

My mom help me into my dress and we were ready to get the show on the road! Right before we started the ceremony, I had a first look with my Dad (which I’ll add photos when I get the full gallery - it was so heartfelt), then we joked and laughed all the way down the isle together. We had our wedding day at our Airbnb, so we were able to pre-plan and set up where everything would be for the actual day. As we were making our way down, the sun peaked out from behind the clouds and it was legit the most beautiful day out! I tried to take in all the noises, the smells, the feels, all the little details I didn’t want to forget. SO lucky! Believe it or not, I felt incredibly myself, very relaxed, present and so happy! Everything came out so beautiful… it was perfect. 

Now introducing Mr. & Mrs. Padron!! 

The ceremony itself was very special and very us… Alex’s father, Fernando, officiated for us and did a fantastic job! At the end he forgot to mention the ring exchange, but before we went too far we were able to do it. One more kiss and just like that it was over. Time for family photos & couple portraits!

If I remember one thing it was the FOOD! Oh my gosh we had the most amazing catering team who made everything we ate that night from scratch! Incredible. They also did our flowers and our DJ! Highly recommend Arianna & Friends. 

We went on to our first dances. First Alex and I, then my Dad and I, then Alex and his Mom, then Alex and I again haha. We weren’t planning the last dance together, but a sweet song just came on and we couldn’t help but have one more a good slow dance. We had everyone crying for that one! 

I made the mistake of not getting a bustle for my dress and when I was dancing and boy oh boy, was it difficult to dance in!! It made it even more funny though. I quickly changed into my reception dress after that, as you can see in the pictures.

It seriously was the most perfect night. All of us around a table enjoying delicious Italian food, listening to our fav music, laughing, joking as the sunset behind the mountains in the distance. We danced until we dropped and everyday I wish we could do it again! Can’t wait to see our full gallery! Maybe I’ll do a little update once I get those photos as well :)

All photos by Emma Lauren Photography


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